It is often hard to maintain a grass and keep it as fresh as you’d want it to be. Between pests, climate, and different adversaries, you’ll need to ensure that your grass looks as sound as could be expected under the circumstances. Property holders have utilized fertilizers on their yards for quite a long time; however, do you know the reasons why fertilizers and pest control chemicals are so imperative?

In this post, we are going cut you in on a few reasons why fertilization is essential for the well-being of your yard. Without further ado, let’s get the mower rolling.  

1.    Fertilizers have all the essential nutrients needed for plant growth

Generally, there are three key/fundamental nutrients in soils that if deficient can retard the growth and well-being of plants. They are; phosphorous, potassium and nitrate. In spite of the fact that these elements are natural to most soils, they are often washed away as the soil suffers at the hands of time, rain, and harsh weather.  The outcome of this long-suffering is a soil deficient of one or more of these key elements. At the end of the day, what you get is a lawn full of discolored grasses. Fertilizers have an abundance of these key elements and other elements needed to keep your lawn fresh from January to December.

2.    Fertilizers are very easy to use

You don’t necessarily need to have a Ph.D., MSc or any intense training whatsoever before you can use fertilizers for your lawn. If you don’t what to engage a professional to take care of your lawn’s fertilization for you, you can without much of a stretch spread the fertilizer across your entire garden. On the other hand, you’ll have to ensure that the fertilizer is evenly spread across the garden. To achieve this, you’ll need to follow the guidelines to the letter.

3.    Fertilizers boost growth

This is probably the main reason a lot of homeowners use fertilizers for their lawns and why you should too. Fertilizers boost the nutrients in the soil, thereby making the soil more nourishing for your garden plants. In this way, causing them to grow faster than they would in normal conditions. Truth be told, you’ll probably outplay yourself thinking your soil can cater to all the nutritional needs of your lawn and plants without fertilization.  

4.    Fertilizers don’t cost much

It is almost expected that you’ll want to get the best living conditions for your cherished lawn without putting a dent on your budget. The good news is that you won’t be stressing your budget when you buy fertilizers for your loved yard, as fertilizers are cost-effective.

To ensure that you get optimal results with your fertilization efforts, you should also consider lime treatment for your lawn.

  • Lime treatment

A lot of factors can retard the growth of your lawn; from harsh weather to pests and diseases, the list is quite extensive. But, one of the most obvious of these factors is the soil’s PH level or the soil acidity levels. This is where lime treatment comes in. By treating your yard with lime, you can correct the PH levels in the soil and reduce weed growth in your yard. Also, this treatment enhances the plant’s root development which brings about better absorption of soil nutrients.

By fertilizing your yard every few months, you’ll be able to keep your lawn fresh and healthy. Although you’ll have to expel grub from your yard as well.

  • Grub treatment

Grubs are beetles’ larvae, and they live and dine on your grass a few inches below the grass. When you have these gruesome plant eaters in your lawn, you’ll have to worry about digging animals that want to eat them as well. The best remedy is to get Grub treatment chemicals and spray them on your yard.  

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